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Understanding the USCIS EB-5 Investment Immigration Program

Experienced in diverse aspects of real estate development and investment financing, Mark Hesemann leads the Indianapolis-headquartered firm Hesemann & Associates. With a presence in Singapore and New Delhi as well, Mark Hesemann has arranged numerous international investments and facilitated financing of a southwest Michigan resort hotel through the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services investment immigration program (USCIS EB-5).

USCIS EB-5 enables foreign investors to receive a U.S. green card, provided they invest between $500,000 and $1 million in a business enterprise based in the United States. This investment must generate a minimum of 10 full-time positions for U.S. citizens. Each year, 10,000 visa numbers are allocated, with 3,000 reserved for investments of $500,000 or more in “targeted employment areas” and 3,000 reserved for investments in Regional Center-affiliated commercial enterprises. USCIS EB-5 investments are typically an excellent choice for individuals with qualifying resources and the willingness to pursue high-risk investments. While demand for USCIS EB-5 visas was slack in recent years due to worldwide recession, investor demand has picked up recently, and it is likely that a visa quota backlog will emerge should current trends continue.